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Polk Audio FXi A6

Bafles de efectos surround bidireccionales de 150wUSD 900.00
  • Descripción General

    F/Xi Surround Loudspeakers employ a triangular cabinet design that aims drivers and tweeters in opposing direcitons to produce a more realistically diffuse wave front and wide, lifelike imaging of surround-sound effects .:. A conveniently located bipole/dipole switch offers the placement flexibility as well as the highest performance surround effects .:.

  • Datos Técnicos

    Driver: 6.5"
    Tweeter: 2 x 1" Dinamic Balance
    Respuesta de frecuencia: 45 Hz - 27 kHz
    Impedancia: 8 ohms
    Amplificación recomendada: 20 - 150 w
    Eficiencia: 88dB
    Switch Bipolar/Dipolar: Si
    Dimensiones (An x Al x Pr) en mm.: 339.7 x 374.7 x 219.1
    Peso: 5.90 kg

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